"Simplified Credit Rating Calculator" helps to assign credit opinion based solely on financial data. To get full credit opinion, find a company in the search and buy "Credit Opinion".

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Simplified credit rating calculator

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Current assets
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Financial key ratios
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Return on investment, %
Current assets turnover
Cash ratio
Working capital
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Debt-to-equity ratio
Credit Opinion  
Credit rating
Credit rating description
Probability of payment default within the next 12 months (%)
Credit limit
Factors that affected the assessment
    Credit rating Description Probability of payment default within the next 12 months (%)
    AAA Lowest risk. The company has excellent financial Indicators. High credit terms are recommended. 0,09%
    AA Lower risk. Long-established company with a stable business. 0,47%
    A Low risk. Reliable company. Growth trend. 1,07%
    BBB Risk below normal. Reliable company. 2,18%
    BB Normal risk. Financial Indicators of the company are growing. 4,46%
    B Normal risk. 13,36%
    CCC Risk above normal. Short term credit only. 31,83%
    CC High risk. Any credit should be fully secured. 61,70%
    C Higher risk. No credit term to be granted. 84,15%
    D Highest risk. The company on the verge of bankruptcy. 92,03%
    CCO The company ceased operations.
    BPS Application to the court for recognition of bankruptcy is filed.
    BNC The company is declared bankrupt by the court.
    CRP The company is in receivership proceedings.
    LQP The company has started liquidation process.
    LQF The company is liquidated (dissolved, wound up).
    TNR Temporary rating cannot be given.
    CCQ The company cannot be rated.
    NRQ The company cannot be rated due to lack of information.
    CNT The company is not traced.
    NEW The company is a newly established business.
    RRB The company has recently reorganized business.
    BRA The company is a branch.
    MRR The company was recently in a merger process.
    DIV The company was recently in a division process.
    Product Simplified credit rating calculator Credit Opinion
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    Financial statement analysis
    Holding companies assessment
    Legal form
    Year of establishment
    Field of activity
    Country risk
    Negative information
    Merger/division processes check
    Legal status (bankruptcy, liquidation check (incl. historical data))
    Number of employees (trend check)

    Credit rating calculator has two modules. First module is analyzing financials. Second module is analyzing general data of the company.

    First module analyzes the following data:

    1. Age of last finances
    2. Quantity of actual finances
    3. Last turnover (compares with other years)
    4. Previous turnover (compares with other years)
    5. Any turnover falling (trend check up to 5 years)
    6. Turnover growth (trend check up to 5 years)
    7. Leverage ratio
    8. Current Ratio
    9. Quick ratio
    10. For each main financial element growth temp (trend check up to 5 years)
    11. Gross result / equity or turnover
    12. Gross result (negative/positive and margin)
    13. Operating profit (-loss) (negative/positive and margin)
    14. Net loss count
    15. Net loss average
    16. Net profit / equity or turnover
    17. Net profit (negative/positive and margin)

    Each step includes 4-10 sub steps, which are adjusting assessment. In overall first module includes over 150 financial calculations.

    Second module analyzes the following data:

    1. Current status of the company
    2. Changes in status for the last 3 years (history check)
    3. Basic information controller
    4. Directors/owners controller
    5. Legal form
    6. Parent company controller
    7. Activity field
    8. Company age
    9. Personnel growth temp
    10. Debt check
    11. Average velocity of closing debts

    Each step includes 6-15 sub steps, which are adjusting assessment. In overall second module includes over 100 analysis.

    Both modules (first and second modules) include over 250 different analysis.

    Please note:
    Simplified credit rating calculator
    includes only first module.
    Full Credit Report (or Credit Opinion) includes both modules.

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