Why us

Why is it worth cooperating with us

Our competitive advantage in the field of credit reports:

  1. Competence in the market:
    • More than 50% of clients are specifically state-owned insurance companies that provide export insurance for local companies. The rest of the clients are organizations that are professionally engaged in the resale of ready-made credit and financial reports.
  2. The quality of the information provided:
    • The predominant number of reports are prepared by us independently or with the involvement of the services of highly qualified third parties who have access to all kinds of information (including financial statements); You can get familiarize with the information content of the reports Here
    • We have complete registers of legal entities for more than 50 countries (including all CIS and Baltic countries). In addition, for a number of countries, we have detailed data on tax payments, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the scale of the business of the researched legal entity;
    • We collect and store information about legal proceedings, which are not open on a permanent basis in official sources;
    • We are engaged in debt collection, information about which we can receive through our clients. This information is provided in our reports;
    • We have the opportunity to contact the researched legal entity directly without disclosing information about the final Customer of the report.
  3. Cost and procedure of providing credit reports:
    • Our company offers reports on competitive prices and faster delivery times than competitors;
    • We offer customers the opportunity to buy reports without prepayment.
  4. Technical capabilities:
    • We have the ability to transfer data through the portal or API in XML, PDF and DOC formats;
    • We offer monitoring in 39 countries of the world. More information can be found Here
    • There will be an online search for legal entities in more than 20 countries (coming in 2023 year Q4);
    • For more than 20 countries, it is possible to provide online reports on legal entities (coming in 2023 year Q4);
    • Reports can be provided in different languages;
    • The report form is the unified for all countries and is clearly structured, which allows you to quickly navigate the structure of the information provided.

For more information on our services, please contact our team.