of a single company or a portfolio of companies

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Simple monitoring

(change notification)

We provide only yes/no information for the sectors indicated in the description. In this case you see, whether there is any change and can, but cannot see the details of the change.

Detailed monitoring

(change notification + details of the change)

We provide yes/no for the sectors indicated in the description. In addition, you will receive details of the corresponding change (information before change / information after change).

How does the monitoring work

  1. To be able to receive monitoring updates, you have initially to order a credit report on the company of your interest.
  2. In the credit report order form, you have to write in the comments section "Activate monitoring service" and number from 1 to 20. That phrase with mean, that along with the credit report you would like to start monitoring of the company. So the whole phrase should be written for example like that: "Activate monitoring service – 20". The number indicates the update frequency for monitoring – you can choose between values from 1 to 20, which are the working days until next update. So 1 would literally mean: "every next 1 working day I would like to receive an update on this company".
  3. Monitoring is started right away after the credit report is finished.
  4. Depending on the monitoring update frequency, the customer is notified on any updates in the company. As an example: You order a credit report with monitoring option and choose 1 update every 20 working days. You receive the credit report report on 1st day of the month, so the monitoring update is to come by 28th of the same month. Let’s presume, that the monitored company changed its managing director on 5th working day of the same month, so you will receive information with a delay of 15 working days after the change, i.e. by 28th calendar day (or 20th working day) of the same month. If more frequent monitoring is necessary (for example, you suspect your client to enter the insolvency procedure and do not want to miss the deadlines), then you need to choose higher update frequency. This can be changed at any time by contacting our production team through e-mail.
  5. Customer may terminate monitoring on any company in his list at any time by contacting our production team through e-mail. Monitoring is terminated during the next 5 working days and any update falling within this period is to be charged.

In which format we can provide the information

Simple monitoring is provided in excel file (gives an overview of the change in a specific sector) via email.

Detailed monitoring consist of two parts: excel file (gives an overview of the change in a specific sector) and PDF file (gives an exact information related to the changes). Files are provided by email.

Please note: the information that can be tracked varies from country to country.

See the information available for monitoring

Amount of checks in a range from 1 to 20

  • Minimum value: 20 (once per every 20 working days)
  • Maximum value: 1 (once per every 1 working day)

We recommend to track changes once every 10 or 20 working days.

To get a price offer for monitoring service, please contact our team.